skittles on toast

ok so i learned last night that i know calum hood’s sister through uni i had no idea they were related lmao

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nice biceps bro *twirls hair*



I decided to make the most triggering post on tumblr

Im not sorry


is that neckbeard photoshopped


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i hate when mosquitos do that


i hate when mosquitos do that

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platonic nudes are great like hey you trust me i trust you nice dick here’s mine anyway what’s new in your life

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*pulls out iphone to check time* *android user bursts through wall and tells me how stupid and inferior i am for owning iphone*

android users can be so pretentious

where is my cute guy being cute with me fuck the system

Anonymous said: do u think you're a good nap buddy? comfortable/warm/etc? bc i want to cuddle w you so bad




I am a great nap buddy. Im sure of it. When cuddling I’ll put my arm around you. You could rest your head on my chest. I’ll play with your hair or stroke your arm. Random kisses. And I’ll hug tightly. That’s what I love to do. Im not gonna go out of my way for a cuddle buddy but hey im always down for one.

and then you’ll know why storms are named after people

ruining everything as usual.

imma ruin u