skittles on toast


damnit grandpa it’s 2021, they’re not spiders anymore, they’re arachnid americans and more importantly my friends

goodnight guys ily welcome to the new followers i hope you enjoy your stay!!! if there is anything wrong let me know i will do my best to assist u


MEMO: The space bar is important. 


MEMO: The space bar is important. 

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i cant stop fucking thinking about dicks

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is it too much to ask to get 100 dollars from every rich person in the world



What if Gordon Ramsay voiced a GPS

"Great job, you missed the exit you fucking disgrace."

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in australia at canberra all the international embassies are in the same place so you can technically go all over the world in the space of an hour just by crossing the road like once i went from indonesia to egypt and stuck my right arm through the fence to finland i’m pretty well travelled

Nice indicator dickhead!

Australian proverb

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Have you accepted Sir David Attenborough as your lord and saviour?

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actually i look at most of my mutuals’ selfies and think “that’s not fair stop that”

Anonymous asked: You're one of the only more popular bloggers that I've followed who doesn't act like their above their followers. I've unfollowed everyone I followed at first because they were rude and obnoxious but you're so kind to everyone and funny and realistic and I like that.

thank you so much :) i don’t really have any reason to feel like i’m above anybody like yeah i got moderately lucky on a blogging website but i’m still a simple person trying to just do my own thing and i don’t like upsetting people so there’s that too you’re so kind :)

i look at michael kwikemart's selfies and think “that's not fair stop that”

he was a boy, she was a powerful sorceress, can i make it anymore obvious

from trash you can find the greatest of treasures : )

this is why you’re one of my unofficial boyfriends